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Do you own jewels that you don’t wear anymore but you don’t want to give them away or sell them?

I can transform this old jewel to a completely new one using the original material.

For example I can design a new piece completely to your specifications and likings based on material from the old piece. Then I melt and recast the metal, and together with the stones (if it would have any), make this new jewel. In this manner, you save the cost of the metal and the stones, and you only pay for the service of designing and the handwork to make it.

How does it work?

I will use your input and draw several different ideas which I present to you. From the one or two drawings you like we will start building the final design.

The final design will be presented to you before the old jewel will be transformed. You will have the exact indications and details of how the new jewel will look like, as well as the price.

Do I need to be in Madrid?

No, the process of inception and elaboration of the design can be done entirely on distance. In fact, I have clients in different parts of Europe.  Get in touch with me and we will find a way that works best for us.




My designs always reflect the personality and style of each bride, each groom, and each couple. I have designed and made earrings, tiaras, engagement rings and wedding bands.

The process is the same as the one for personalized designs. We meet in person or on skype to discuss your wishes for the jewel of the occasion.  I will ask about your tastes, your personality, and anything that you might want to share and that will help me to capture your dream jewel.

From there I start a series of designs that will be presented to you for your review.  From those you choose the ones you like and we get to detailing the piece: material, stones, size and price.

When we have a single clear idea, I will present you the final scaled drawing, with the exact specifications of the jewel. Here we also discuss the price.

Once you reviewed the design and gave your approval, the hand making of the jewel starts. When finished, your dream jewel will be delivered to you on time and presented in a nice jewellery case.




Compra una joya única y exclusiva